Got my sim today and I'm happy so far ! (UK service)

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Put the sim in a Moto G Lte 1st Gen:

Everything worked so far, test phone calls were ok even through HSPA connection (no HSPA+ or 4G yet - I'm in West London), obviously sound quality is slightly better over wif-fi.

Texted a few friends and they can't notice any difference, I texted a 2G spare phone where I put my Giffgaff sim in and within seconds the text appeared as it should.

I decided to go for the extra roll over data service as I will mainly be saving my data on the rare occasions I managed to get out for my medical appointments so I have data to keep me busy in the waiting rooms. Basically £1.49 won't break the bank and each 1mb come a bit less of penny at £0.007 so I can save this up instead of having it going to waste.

I also feel that I'm contributing to keep the system afloat as that's how freedompop can keep going (obviously my opinion).

What I don't know is if it's possible to have a few SIP type apps on my mobile as I already have one by Messagenet to keep in touch with some Italian friends from when I used to live there many moons ago. They can ring this number in Rome and it's local to them. Usually they text me to tell to switch the app on as I keep it switched off to avoid using too much battery.

I'm considering switching to Vonage next year ditching my landline and they also have a SIP app so that would make three apps, would they trip each others up ?

I'm happy with the service offered enough to sign up to a service and see how it goes in the long run, they certainly seem very keen to help once they're contacted but I feel that our first port of call when we have issues that can't be solved either by the UK Support section or this forum, it's to email them at :

[email protected]
[email protected]

Since the UK service is still at a testing stage anything that comes up they need to know about it so that they can have the chance to fix it at their end. My SIM has gone astray but they went the extra mile for me and I really appreciate that, I got my sim by secured post today so they made sure it reached me.
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    About time you got your sim @fabyon ! Glad you got things working :)

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    Glad all is working for you Fabyon
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    I received my wife's SIM today, too. We are FP friends and I have just tried calling from my phone to hers. Intriguingly, it doesn't yet seem to have reduced the minutes. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on it. It's a shame they did a U-turn on their intention to offer FP to FP calls and texts for free.
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    Maybe they're just considering it as most MVNO in the UK offer free calls to same network.

    Having said that, I need to pay at least 20 quid a year for example with giffgaff to keep that going as you need to either topup by £10 every three months or buy a bag, I go for the cheapest option (the bag) which is a fiver.
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    Giffgaff is not good value for low useage particularly internet min 20p per day last time I looked on payg, value for money, this or 3 is much better value
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    I meant to have the Giffgaff free to same network voice calls on, I need to add at least 5 pounds every three months. Yes, their pay as you go data is actually eye watering 20p for the first 20MB then it's 20p per MB .....yikes !
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