Just a note about apps like Viber, they do work fine, but only if...

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...You disable features such as Viber-In. If you have the Viber app set to receive calls if a caller has Viber too, any incoming/outgoing calls will fail. As this option is turned on by default, it does interfere with freedompop calls. To disable it go to Options > Calls > Untick Viber-in.

All the other features of Viber work, including calls. I do not know if other apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, and others also have similar features, but if you are having problems making/getting calls, first check that there isn't a similar option to disable.

Just got my freedompop sim, installed it on a freshly reset device and activated fine. Made a few test calls, got a few people to call me with no issues until I installed Viber. Just a heads up and forgive me if this is posted elsewhere. :)
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