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The turnaround time between ordering and receiving SIM cards seems to be down to a couple of days now. I have just received SIM no. 5. Yay! Only one for me, of course. The rest are for the wife and kids. I am considering a spare, however, for gifting data when needed. Is that dishonest? I didn't read anywhere that you're limited to one per person.
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    Here in States the only limit is 5 devices per credit card. I have 4 of those, my wife has 3. ONE address. No problem.

    One fella here got offer of closeout on some WiMax sticks (dongles ?) for $0 plus $0 for shipping. There was a quantity pull down on order sheet. He was amazed it went to 100, whoops! the order went thru. It was the Sorcerers Apprentice time, he couldn't stop the orders coming in. They were all shipped separately. Right after that the limit 5 devices per CC was started.
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    my sons sim came today in just two days :)
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