Uninstalling Facebook and Twitter; lightening the load.

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After receiving another update notification from Google store for Facebook I couldn't help but notice that it was using nearly 270mb of storage so that their app could run, also since the app doesn't get compressed by Opera Max, I've uninstalled it and set up a homepage link through chrome for m.facebook.com. I also did the same for twitter. At least I won't have to worry that they're using data in the background unless I launch chrome. ;)
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    Sadly, Opera Max didn't work well for me at all. I suspect it must have been an issue with the VPN used by Opera Max because the moment I installed it and it logged in, my phone became very, very, very, very sluggish; horribly so. I uninstalled and performance was immediately back to normal. Strange, but true.

    I still have data compression enabled on Chrome, so all is not lost.
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    I use Facebook lite( replaces fb and fb messenger) way smaller, only a couple of mb but it's not available in uk so get it here. http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/facebook-2/lite/

    And neopard saves me around 40% in data over the last week, and it works with all apps. Unless they've changed in in the last few months operamax doesn't do anything on secure contentions, so it won't help on fb in chrome.
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