Trying to install FP app on tablet (UK)

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I'm trying to install the FP app on my tablet (Android 5.0.2).
As it' s not in my Play Store (Google doesn' t like me), I extracted it from my mobile phone and transferred the apk file to my tablet. It installs, but when I try to open it I get a message "incorrect app, please install Free messages and text" (or something similar) from here". It then closes and displays a link to the other app. When I click on the link, I get a message saying the app is for the US only.
I' ve seen in the forum that some people have installed the app to their tablet.
How do you do it?


  • Robert ZimmermanRobert Zimmerman Posts: 95FreedomPop Newbie
    Just for the record, you are trying to install FreedomPop Free Call and Text on your tablet, correct?

    I believe another FreedomPop UK member was having similar issues, but I don't know which app he tried. At any rate, if you're comfortable with sideloading whenever updates come out, you can grab the correct APKs with Evozi's APK Downloader. You can also try your luck with 1MobileMarket as an alternative to Google Play. They mirror both FreedomPop Messaging and Freedompop Free Call and Text, but are usually updated a day or two after they go live on the Play Store.

    Hopefully you can find a working solution in all that - good luck.
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    I installed the free call and text app, on my tab 2. Doesn't work so don't bother going to to much trouble installing it.
    Billing cycle starts ~ 1st of month
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    Well I did try to sideload the app (freedompop messanger) that works on my Android phone. But as I said, the system threw it out.
    I'll try rooting the tablet.

    I suspect the real problem could be because maybe Freedompop has asked Google to impose geographic restrictions on who can install the apps. If that is so, it would suggest that the good people at Freedompop don' t understand the European market. There are several million Brits living in various countries throughout Europe and who flit to and fro - after all, Paris is a two-hour train ride from London - it' s quicker and cheaper for a Londoner to go to Paris than to Manchester. Someone setting up a google account while spending some time in France (e.g. me) then finds that Big Brother Google has set his (or her) location to France for ever. It is probably possible to change the location, but very cumbersome.
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    I'm having a similar problem with my Nexus 3G tablet (mk 1 version). I picked up a free second SIM on Black Friday to use with it. I installed the FreedomPop Free Call and Text app successfully but get an 'Incorrect App' pop-up telling me to install the US Free Voice and Text app, which of course isn't available to UK users.

    Has anyone found a working solution?
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