Regular signal drops with 4G/LTE

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I'm interested to hear if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Around the time 4G began to roll out for FreedomPop, I noticed my network signal began dropping for a split second every 10 seconds or so. It only seemed to be a problem at home. A "no network connectivity" error message would flash up on screen, but then disappear because the connection recovered immediately.

This morning at work I noticed I had no network signal at all, yet I work in the centre of Coventry, with heaps of cell masts in every direction. I restarted my phone and the signal returned, but then the signal began dropping again every 10 seconds or so, just like at home.

My phone's preferred network type (in Network settings) is LTE. When I set it to 3G, the drop-outs stop immediately. The signal remains constant. When I switch back to LTE, the drop-outs immediately return.

I don't believe this is a FP issue, but does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve it? A 4G signal that drops every 10 seconds isn't very useful.
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    I haven't had the pleasure yet to enjoy LTE yet but I'm getting several disconnects on a daily basis on 3G. I think it's a mast issue and priority given by Three to the MVNO's I've noticed through twittert that my area is majorly oversubscribed yet people who are complaining about poor speeds or disconnects are always from MVNO. I have two masts nearby but my phone seems to predilect a couple of masts that further away than the other two. Three needs to increase their capacity that's obvious!
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    @Fabyon. Ah, I read up about this because I noticed the same issue. The Open Signal app tells me I am connected to a mast about three miles from my home, yet there are a couple of masts within the village boundary (one of which offers 4G). Allegedly and bizarrely, you don't usually find yourself connected to your closest mast. It has something to do with avoiding constantly switching between different masts when you move around. It seems you merely connect to a mast with a reasonable signal and are stuck with it, even if it isn't the closest.

    You can potentially connect to an alternative mast by switching on Airplane Mode for a few seconds to disconnect from the mobile network, and then by disabling Airplane mode again so you reconnect, hopefully to a better signal. It all seems a bit random.

    I'm a little suspicious of the locations of the masts reported by Open Signal, however. It suggests there is one in the middle of a field a few metres behind my house. Unless said mast is disguised as a low-lying weed, I very much doubt it.

    As for why my signal should keep dropping every 10 seconds when the 4G option is enabled, I am at a loss. Perhaps it could be a software issue related to my installed version of Android (from CyanogenMod).
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    Ditto, samething on a Nexus 5X on Ringplus (Sprint MVNO) and now Moto 4G Play on Freedompop. When not in 3G mode, connection would drop frequently. Once in 3G mode, rock solid.
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