Calls from unknown overseas numbers?

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Has anyone else been receiving occasional calls from unknown numbers in random countries? This has happened twice to one of my kids in the past week, and today my wife's phone started ringing while the name "Henry" something or other was displayed on her screen, but she doesn't have a phone contact named Henry. Odd, odd, odd.
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    They use automatic diallers so they randomly generate numbers, once you pick the phone call up, you get put on a 'suckers' list unfortunately. The calls increase after that as those lists are past between companies from abroad. So it's best to ignore them so that their software believe it's an inactive number or a dud.
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    my son got a load of calls from pakistan, indonesia & malaysia but it only happened for a couple of days then stopped

    hes had none since (as far as i know hes put a lock on his phone so i cant see now)
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