No Coverage!

Chas Charles-DunneChas Charles-Dunne Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
So the sim finally arrives - Hurrah!
The phone is charged - Hurrah!
Sim inserted - Hurrah!
Nothing happens that didn't happen yesterday with no sim - no hurrah.
Check the 3 website - "We're really sorry. There's a long-term outage in this area.
This problem doesn't happen very often, making it trickier to diagnose and fix than more common network issues. Please bear with us ? we're working hard to get things sorted as soon as possible.
Visit our coverage checker for detail on the coverage that's generally available in this area.
This information is updated every 30 minutes (last updated 2:45 p.m. 06 January 2016)."

To make matters worse, they have used a question mark, rather than a comma or a semi-colon! Does not inspire me with confidence - no hurrah.
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