A tale of six SIMs - only one now working!

SolomonSolomon Posts: 207FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a Freedompop SIM as soon as they started in the UK. I wanted to try it out before getting the other members of the family to use it.
It worked. At least as well as FP ever seems to work.
When FP had a special deal for "black Friday", I ordered a second SIM, for my wife.
This one never arrived. I suspect it was thrown out by my mother because the packaging looked like junk mail.
I was going to let it go, but someone on this forum recommended I contact FP helpdesk.
I did, and they very kindly sent a replacement SIM, free of charge. But, they also disactivated my working SIM. Presumably they confused the working SIM and the AWOL SIM. In the meantime I had also ordered another SIM at my son's address. It arrived and worked.
So the tally was now two working SIMs.
I ordered another during the Boxing Day sale. (dirt cheap, in fact zero!)
But, it never arrived!
Again, I contacted the help desk, who said they would send another (maybe it will arrive soon).
But they also de-activated one of my working SIMs.
In the meantime, they also charged the mothly fee for one of my AWOL SIMs.

So, today I now have just one single working SIM.
It seems FP deactivate one of the working SIMs each time I report one lost.
I would have thought they should know which SIMs are in use and which ones have never been inserted into a phone.

Morals of the story
1) Try to use a separate email address for each order.
2) Never ask for replacement SIM.
3) The help line is very friendly, but......

I' m not going to contact the help desk over any of this again. They might deactivate my one remaining SIM.
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