Dual sim phones, multi voip apps compatibility

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I split my time between the UK and France and use a dual sim phone.
My French provider needs its sim in slot 1 when I am in France for auto-connecting to its shared wifi service and its messaging app.
Freedompop need its sim to be in slot 1 when I am in the UK. So I swap over sims every time I go through the tunnel. A bit of a hassle, but I can live with that.
What would be good is a phone that lets you switch the slots over in the settings. I wonder if such a phone exists.

Another problem is that I also use a French app called onoff, that's a bit like Freedompop - it lets you make and receive free calls to French mobiles via wifi or your mobile data (unlike WhatsApp, but like Freedompop, it places calls directly to the mobile network). So I can make and receive calls with a mobile number in both France and UK completely transparently.
The trouble is, when I dial out with Onoff, Freedompop takes over and tries to place the call.

So, I force Freeedompop to stop via the Android settings whenever I need to make an Onoff call. I daresay something similar occurs with other voip apps.
Anyone know an easier solution? Preferably other than using a second phone.

Update : now even a forced stop doesn't work. The only way I can call out without going through Freedompop is to uninstall the app. A real pain if I have to do that every time I need to call France. And then re-install it to call the UK.
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    After reading all the troubles you guys are having with dual sim phones I'm giving up on the idea of getting myself one, got used to have two phones: Moto G Freedompop and iPhone 5 with giffgaff !
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    @salvadorfreemanson - if your phone is rooted, you might be able to use a SIP client instead of the FP Messaging app - take a look at this post. I don't think that the current FP app allows changing the settings described in that post, so you'd lose the ability to text, but once you have the account details, you ought (in theory) to be able to make/receive FP calls using a SIP client that you can shut down when using the other app/SIM.
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    I'm not sure Onoff is a VOIP service. It seems to be some kind of rerouter, or ID changer. It provides you with a single number using your existing provider's voice capacity, not the data capacity. But their web site is not very clear at all.
    I use Sipdroid on the same dual sim phone as freedompop. It works, but sometimes I have to manually stop Freedompop. Never had to go so far as uninstalling it though. I think the trouble must be your Onoff application.
    I did try extracting the Freedompop identifiers and putting them into SIP, but it's very messy. It took me a while to figure out how to do it and the password is really long. I eventually managed to get it working on a SIP client on my laptop. But I haven' t bothered again.

    I think what would be good is if Freedompop separated the data service and the mobile calls. Then we could use whatever SIP client we like., so our friend in another post will be able to use his Windows phone or we can make calls from a tablet using wifi.
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