Where is my SIM card?

Liam AzzopardiLiam Azzopardi Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
Hello again. I ordered my SIM card on the 1st February and have noticed 2 separate transactions:

Date: 01 Feb 2016 / Time: 08:07 / Transaction: 32652909 / Description: Initial Signup / Paid: £6.99
Date: 02 Feb 2016 / Time: 09:16 / Transaction: 32719387 / Description: Initial Signup / Paid: £6.99

The order 40836765 status:

"This order is Failed"
Submitted - Your order has been submitted to our system for processing
Processing - Your order is currently being processed
Kitting - Software updates and quality inspection
Packaging - We are packing up your device with all the necessary accessories
Preparing Shipment - Your device is being boxed up for the journey to your doorstep
Shipped - Device has been handed over to the carrier

According to my account, I have 20 days left out of 30 remaining for free trial - a service which I have not yet received a SIM card.

Can someone please find out for me what is happening? As I am from the UK, I cannot find a UK number to contact customer service. I've left numerous messages via email, FB and Twitter, and they take days to respond, and not really sorting the situation out.

I am thinking I may need to cancel this if nothing gets sorted. If nothing gets done, how do I get a refund?



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