I can't tell why I'm being charged or how to cancel

Danny HopkinsDanny Hopkins Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I bought one SIM, liked it and then ordered another when they offered me it for free. A little later I then tried to get another for free but ended up getting charged the initial £5.99 again. Then I got charged the monthly fee for the 1gb of data and they told me I would lose what I paid for if I cancelled for next month. Then I forgot to cancel in time. Now I've bitten the bullet and gone to the free packages on both accounts.

But there is a £4.99 charge I can't identify on my account, no idea what it's for or why I was charged, no idea how to cancel it. I'm thinking the only way to get freedompop to stop taking my money is to cancel the credit card.

I have three SIM cards attached to two email accounts. Help!


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