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Been trying to figure out how to change my account to free, kept whining about no card details even though I had to put them in to recieve the damn sim card and i popped in the same one as before, its charged me £8.99 I was actually going to activate the 500 of everything, so now I have paid for 1000 everything wooo, I even had automatic top up unchecked...

Now I cannot be bothered to faff on to sort it out, but damn my sim had been disabled it come back on briefly to only say now account not active, I have been giving everyone this new number so it is imperitive it comes back on, I have paid for it, not gonna refute it now, but I want the service I paid for!


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    @Simon Smart - Here are steps to downgrading (Source @Ali ). Hope they work:
    Ali said:

    In this guide I will show you a really easy method to downgrading your plan so you're 100% free.

    This is how to downgrade your plan -

    1. Click here
    2. Click on Downgrade
    3. $$Profit$$

    This is how to downgrade Premier or Premium Plus -

    1. Click here
    2. Follow the prompts to remove the service
    3. $$Profit$$

    I usually respond within 24 hours. If you need help, feel free to ask.

    Also, to tag me directly, write @JJFreedom. - this way I will know when you are talking to me.
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    Just check the FAQ at the top of the forum there's a step by step on how to downgrade and how to contact support by email, phone or by raising a ticket. Those scripts on that previous post seems to be outdated or only for the American customers.
    Billing cycle 7th
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,386 admin
    Hello @Simon Smart I took a look into your account and I can confirm that your downgrade has been processed and will be reflected on your end at the end of your current billing cycle, 4/21.
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