Ordered a SIM under the Basic 200 (Free) plan - But another order has opened?

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So basically, ordered the free plan after paying the £6.99 activation/shipping fees and 2 ordered have opened. The latest stated I had ordered a HTC device (and also received an email stating that Premium voice has been activated, even though I chose not to use it on my original order)

Checked with my bank and only the £6.99 payment has gone through. However, I do not wish to see any more go out of my bank account as I literally do not have the funds. Especially for a device.

Why has this happened? I need it resolved ASAP. Unfortunately, it's now Easter Weekend so I may be waiting a while, but any help is greatly appreciated.

I have sent messages to their support staff across the social media sites and through their contact form but I am very concerned I am going to be charged for something I did not order.



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    Hello @Rob Aimes

    I have assisted you with this through PM, if you need assistance with anything else or have a concern please address it on the PM and I will further assist through there. I will be closing out this thread since I will be assisting you with this issue through private message :3
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