Unreliable Calls and Texts

Alex WalesAlex Wales Posts: 68FreedomPop Newbie
There have ben several instances since having my FP sim where the following has occurred:

I do not receive texts from others (3 today)
People do not receive texts from me
People call me, they hear a proper ring tone, but I hear nothing.
When I call out, a woman tells me the number is not part of my call plan (or words to that effect)
When I call out, it tells me there is no signal, and should I upgrade to premium voice. I am using the internet, no issues, H or H+, so strong signal.
When I call out, I hear no ring tone.

This is all intermittent, but the missus is getting pretty cross with me as she can't guarantee to get hold of me when she wants. I know all mobile networks suffer from time to time... but this is more often than that.

I currently have a dual sim set-up, and was trying to get my most used contacts to use my FP number, as I have to use a 2g payg sim on the second slot which is 4p/text, and on FP I can be a bit more liberal with what I send. Thankfully, the missus and I use whatsapp, which works a lot better most of the time (except when she's in work as she doesn't get good data signal).

I've only ever made perhaps 4 reliable calls on FP, because of the issues above.
Is anyone else just a teeny bit disappointed with reliability or is it just me?
The data has been fine, no trouble with that.


  • Mattie MarkerMattie Marker Posts: 158FreedomPop Newbie, UK Pro ✭✭✭
    This has been happening with me for a while (ever since i got FP). Which i've had really bad quality on calls on wifi at both home and work (which on the same connection at work, a voip phone connected to a network thats connected to another network aka no direct internet connection is used and that has been quite clear). Also 3G has been a slight bit better for me but no luck for my mum's FP on her phone (same as mine, Ulefone Paris).

    Data is powerful enough, since i've done a skype call better than what a mifi 3G device on EE can do while in a walkway subway for a skype interview minus a couple of bits so i know its not the data connection. Maybe app is just insanely glitchy and a different sip app like zopier (used my works voip settings to help the calls recieving) might be a better option. Texts have been fine for me.

    If the premium voice allowed receiving calls, i would hop on and have it but when the trial mentioned sending only, then not worth it. Also since FP piggy backs on Three, there is no 2G option at all.

  • Mattie MarkerMattie Marker Posts: 158FreedomPop Newbie, UK Pro ✭✭✭
    I've had similar issues and 3G is tiny bit better but wifi is no go. Data is fast as anything.

    If premium voice was allowed to receive calls then i would pay for that easily but sadly i don't see the benefit of premium
  • Neil Smith-JonesNeil Smith-Jones Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Me too, unfortunately. Making calls seems to be pretty reliable, but incoming calls, and texts both ways, are definitely hit and miss.
    The FP SIM is used by my 10 year old son as a way of keeping in touch when walking home from school etc., so it's not a good situation. As Alex says, all these problems are intermittent which makes it all the more frustrating and detracts from an otherwise absolutely brilliant service.
    My wife is on a standard Three deal and she doesn't have these problems.
  • Jonny_DJonny_D Posts: 56FreedomPop Newbie
    Me also, people have been unable to call or text, I can't call a certain network, calls break up regularly :/
  • PVinePVine Posts: 21FreedomPop Newbie
    I have been similar issues and my girlfriend is getting pretty ticked off because of the unreliable nature or the service that FP offers, Texts were working fine and instant earlier today and this evening I am getting 2 hour delays before the person I send them to receive them. The same thing happened yesterday and previously as well.
  • cornishbillcornishbill Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I have similar issues!!! The FP sim is quickly becoming nonviable and unusable for calls and texts it is OK for data
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