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Hi Guys,
I found this,

Log into your account on the web, then click on MyAccount/Account Settings. Then hit "Edit" under Voicemail Preferences, and then uncheck the box.

Though there is no "Voicemail Preferences" option under my

"MyAccount/Account Settings"

Can anyone point me in the right direction to turn off my voicemail?



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    I'm in the US so this may not apply to you, but on my account the "Voicemail Preferences" section is between "Phone Numbr Port Out Info" and "Time Zone Settings".

    It looks somewhat like this for me:
    Voicemail Preferences EDIT
    Voicemail and Voicemail Storage:
    Clicking on Edit expands the box to include the following:
    Voicemail Preferences
    As a free service to users, we store voicemails for a month even if you are not subscribed to our voicemail service. This allows you to retireve them later if you choose to subscribe. To disable this and all voicemail functionality, uncheck the box below.

    x Enable voicemail and free 30-day voicemail storage
    (Where the "x" to the left of "Enable voicemail and free 30-day voicemail storage" is a checkbox to turn the feature on/off)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for replying JonMikelV, I've had a look on my phone and it looks like you were right about your suggestions only applying in the US :/
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