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Hi All

Is there anybody out there that can please help !!!

Ive purchased 150 200MB sims (only 149 were in the pack, but thats another issue that I have been advised will be resolved ) and was told that I had to set up a separate email for each sim. After spending a considerable amount of time I eventually set up 150 different email address's and started entering the ICCDI numbers to activate them. Having successfully activated 5 sims using the same credit card I came across an error message "An unexpected error occurred processing your order", initially I thought it may have been the credit card company who may have noticed something unusual and declined the card. I contacted them and they advised it was not something on their end at which point I explained to the call handler that I will be processing a total of 150 transactions and if they could put a note on the system to authorise such which she agreed had been done.

I contacted Freedom Pop via email on the 1st April to ask what was happening and was told that someone will look into it and get back to me. I received an email some 24 hours later saying that the situation had been resolved and thought this is good only to find out that it hadn't so I contacted them again and was assured someone will look into it. I eventually got fed up and on 4th April managed to find the UK support number, albeit the call is answered in the USA (5 hours behind us, but call centre only open to UK Calls between 09:00 - 17:00) and explained that I needed the situation sorted. I followed the call up with a further email to which Freedom Pop replied asking for additional information. I thought its being dealt with and now some 10 days later still haven't heard anything.

Has anybody else experienced similar problems, and or is there anybody from Freedom Pop that can reply to post advising what is happening with activation for the sims in the UK.


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