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UPDATE; It turns out the card i use have been declining monthly transactions. Looks like Prepaid Cards are not going not work

Heres a mini story which i'm stuck with.

My plan changes over on the 14th of every month. This was last Saturday. Now 2 days before this, Thursday the 12th, I signed up to Data Rollover and Voicemail (Premium voice is not worth it until it allows received calls, and if that doesn't happen, never will be worth it in my eyes). Which is £2.48. That went through and was applied to my card fine. There

Ok so its saturday and i walk home from work, checking the Freedompop and the data rollover and voicemail worked nicely for this new month, use my phone as normal.
Then I got home on that night and tried to use it on Sunday 15th and it says "i've been suspended due to a billing error". So waited until today (Monday 16th May) and called on my landline. Spoke to a rep and he said he was unsure and thought I said that that I was charged twice, Sent Him a statement and then he confirmed FP did charge correctly but I had to go to my card provider and ask them to see if FP are authorized to do a monthly charge, which Virgin Money DO accept that unless told otherwise. But now i'm at a stage with no response from the rep and still suspended service. I've re-entered the card twice, a red OK comes up after entering it (happens above the name on card text box).

So, anyone else had this before or is this bad luck. I've only used 1 minute of calling, no texts and 35mb of data since the 14th so i know its not a overuse charge being declined.
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    I've had the same "suspended due to a billing error" message today.

    I called customer services and was told that this message was displayed while the system changed over from the last months billing cycle to the new months billing cycle.

    For me this "Error" lasted around 15 minutes.

    Hope this helps.

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    I pay for the Freedom 500 plan and have encountered this many times. I was initially told it was because I was using a debit card but it still occurs with an Amex card.

    I requested my PAC code last time it happened because you can't receive incoming calls while account is suspended which I find unacceptable.

    They advised me to change to to the free plan. I tried to explain that you still require a valid payment method and this would not stop the account suspension but it was like talking to a brick wall.

    I have given them the benefit of the doubt and did resubmit my card details. If it happens again I will insist that they provide a PAC code.

    If you are thinking of porting in be cautious because Freedompop are very reluctant to let you port out.As far as I am aware they are legally obliged to provide a PAC code.
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