how do i cancel

pete1234pete1234 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I wish to cancel my account I received 2 sims I failed to work received no help or replies to support so I just want to cancel I tried deactivating account to be told to call some americian number I don't think so


  • Davey (3rd)Davey (3rd) Posts: 132FreedomPop Newbie
    From the support pages

    Account Cancellation
    Since our service comes without a contract, you are free to cancel at any time. We do recommend downgrading to the FREE plan as well as deactivating any value added services you are subscribed to. This helps you utilize our service for free which can be especially beneficial as a backup SIM while traveling throughout the UK.

    You can find more information on downgrading your account here. By keeping your account active, you will continue to receive 200 texts, 200 min, and 200mb of data for life!

    If you still decide you would like to cancel your account, you can contact us at by calling +44 11 3887 0823 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT or email [email protected]
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