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I have been looking for the email address where I can email Freedom Pop about money being taken from my account. I have ticked the box in my account that I dont want to my money to be taken each month. Even so Ive done this, money keeps getting taken from my bank account. Someone please help


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    If the box you have unticked is the "auto top up" one that only applies to charges when you use minutes or data over the free allowance. If you have other extras such as Premium Voice, Voicemail etc, money will still be taken for those.

    Some extras are automatically enabled as free trials when you sign up. They are NOT stopped at the end of the free trial period unless you consciously do that yourself.
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    When you signed up for Freedompop you most likely signed on to a free trial for one of the paid plans, It sounds like you have turned off auto top-up, but you also need to downgrade your plan to the free basic plan and cancel any services you may have signed up for.

    To downgrade, (its best to do this on your pc) from your home page go to My Account>Plans and there you will see at the top which plan you are on, click on 'Details and Plan Management' just under the plan name, and that will take you to another page with your plan details, scroll down to the bottom of that page and you will see the downgrade link in small print, click on that, you may have to confirm that you wish to downgrade a couple of times.

    Once you have done that, go back to your home page again, and this time go to My Account>Services and that will take you to a page that shows which, if any, services you have on your account, if you have none, then thats it, you're done, if it shows that you have one or more services, click on details then, again scroll down to the link at the bottom, click on that to cancel services and be sure to confirm it.

    Once you have done the above, you shouldn't be charged any more, if however you want to cancel your account you will need to contact customer support, at [email protected] or call +44 11 3887 0823 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT.
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