Questions I need Answering ?

Joel OsmanJoel Osman Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Do Freedom Pop Calls to other FP users count against minutes.
Is Roaming in the US an option or Canada ? Only data
Do I have to use the Freedom pop Sim Card or can I just use the App
Is it possible to route calls over the Network and not over wifi/data
Do calls over data still count towards my Data Allowance.
Are Incoming Calls Free ? as long as I am on Wifi. will this expire if I am not using the sim card.
Do the International Minutes count Against my UK Minutes.
Do the International Number receive texts ?

It seems the best way is combination of Facebook Messenger Calls and Facetime audio for Family and Friends on those services. Along with Freedom Pop for anything you need to use a Number. connecting to Wifi as Much as possible and the best data plan possible.
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