Cancelling second sim

4D1L4D1L FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 1
Hi, when I had originally ordered my sim, I had ordered 2 sims. However, I did not notice that the second sim would cost me £4.99 a month after the first month. I haven't used either sim and I would like the second sim to either be cancelled or downgraded as I do not want to pay £4.99 for a contract.

Could someone from the freedompop team perhaps help me?


  • jimlad68jimlad68 FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 37
    One of the many 'unexpected' charges I have also got. Probably in the small print somewhere. Strange thing is I have been charged on one sim, but not on my wife's. I have no doubt it is in the small print somewhere.

    Please make a note on the forum when you find out how to cancel the charge as I can't find anywhere to do it.

    We should be advised upfront before any unavoidable charges are applied.
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