Unexpect Monthly charges

MickOMickO Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I am on 0/month basic rate, but I have been charged monthly, why?

29-Jul-2016 15:00 43920021 Monthly Charge £3.99
29-Jun-2016 10:15 42156213 Monthly Charge £3.99
29-May-2016 14:25 40279636 Monthly Charge £3.99
26-Apr-2016 20:23 38310000 Basic 200 £0.00

Also, customer callback selection asks for a 10 digit number. My non Freedompop mobile number, being amongst the first UK mobile numbers has 9 digits. So I had to dump the call due to waiting for so long.


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    It appears that you may have forgotten to unsubscribe from "FreedomPop Premier" service when you downgraded to Basic Plan.

    Check My Account -> Services.
    If you see it there, click on "view details" ... and then at the bottom right corner of the webpage, you should be able to see the (very very) small print - "To deactivate the FreedomPop Premier service, click here"! =)
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