Account Suspended - Account Error [Status Code = 300]

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Hello Freedompop Team,

I have a red message at the top of my account (and in the messaging application) saying that I have used up all my data for this period, or I have unpaid coverage [Status Code = 300] etc, but I haven't used this phone's data at all so I am not sure how this has happened I have two sim cards with Freedompop one which I do not use at all (for backup), and one sim card which I use from time to time that I share with my grandma.

I do not know how this has happened. I cannot contact Support. When I call the number, it says I will be with someone in a moment and then the call automatically cuts (I tried twice). I have the free basic service. When I try to log in I get a red banner at the top. Yet the system is trying to charge me for a credit refill? What is that? I never requested for any credit refill or service. Look at my history I hardly have ever gone past the data usage and hardly ever used the data to the full 200 respectfully of each category minutes/sms's/data. I am not to happy about this because firstly I don't use the sim with the allowance very much, and secondly I would think at least that at 200mb the data would stop.

What can I do to resolve this as my grandma uses this phone from time to time to call me, and I do not want to pay the charge knowing this can now happen in the future. According to the system I have used 43mb over the 200mb so 243mb, so I don't understand this, and another thing in contrast to this is that if I have gone past 43mb data why does it show in the messaging app that I have a remaining of 5mb data (this was being shown this mourning), and lastly the renewal date for the plan 200/200/200 was today, so everything is refilled, but my grandma cannot use the phone and I cannot call anyone or do anything.

Further to this my grandma is always at home, and I know that with wifi you can call using Freedompop, so flight mode is always on with my grandma's phone (and with flight mode on all I turn on is wifi, so that is the only was she can have internet access), and all her internet comes only through wifi, so my grandma has been using this method for many months since really I got the sim as I have always told her we shouldn't use data (just in case), and for even more simplicity (she has Nexus android phone I hide all the app icons in the app drawer so all she can do is open the phone with the power button and select phone/contacts (people) and Freedompop messaging no other applications which use internet or to confuse her.

I am a UK Freedompop customer.

Thank you for reading my e-mail.


  • NkhalilNkhalil Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Hey, Im having the exact same problem, were you able to resolve the issue?!?!
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