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I've had an email from Freedompop telling me that a new version of the messaging app is now available. But in their wisdom, Freedompop have blocked access on the Google Playground to people whose Google accounts are not based in the UK. e.g. me.
When will Freedompop bring their policy into the modern world (looks as though Silocon Valley bods are as parochial in their attitude as Brexiters).
In the meantime, can someone provide a link to download the APK file.


  • sushdsushd Posts: 60FreedomPop Newbie
    I don't have a Google UK account.
    Had no trouble downloading the app. from Play Store, either on FP mobile data or home WiFi.

    Connect through WiFi and download.
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    The ways of Google are mysterious.
    Just because someone's non-UK google account works, someoen else's doesn't.
    In my case, several years ago I used my French girl-friend's credit card to make a purchase on Google. Ever since, Google have branded my account French and I cannot download apps whose publishers have imposed strictly UK geographic restrictions. That happens even though I am in the UK, are using UK wifi (Plusnet), and have a UK simcard in my phone.
    So, thanks for your suggestion shushd, but it doesn't work.
    The only way, in my case, is to sideload the app. Either download it on a friend's phone and then extract the apk file, or to download it from the web and then sideload it. That's how I installed the Freedompop app in the first place,, and it seems to be the only way I can update it.

    And it is Google that applies the geographic restrictions imposed by the app publisher, i.e. Freedompop..
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    Ah! Then the issue is most likely due to Google Wallet / payment methods (associated with your Google play store account) being linked with (still) to a French credit card with French billing address.

    Go to Google Play Store -> Account -> Payment methods.
    Or login to Google Wallet and check.

    Do the French GF's credit card details reflect under any of the listed payment methods? If so, delete the credit card details.

    If it doesn't let you leave without inputting new card details, then add a "UK credit card" details with UK billing address.

    Once you have done that, open Google Play Store on your phone and navigate to any item that is available for download.
    Click so that download process may start until you reach the “Accept and Buy” screen. You don’t need to complete the purchase.

    Now Close Google Play Store and clear data for Google Play Store application.

    Go to Settings
    Go to Apps
    Tap Google Play Store
    Tap “Clear Data”

    Should solve the problem.
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