Both Messaging apps have crashed

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An odd, thing, i've recently wiped and restored my phone and had to reinstall apps, i did do a titanium backup of the FP apps and restoring that worked fiine, but if i tried to sync account data, i get a propmpt to login since it can't find the sim (which is working fine since 3G works etc)

So i did the usual **** of:
  • uninstalling the FP app, reboot, reinstall the fp app from Playstore
  • Tried above but with the Non sim edition

    When i do either, the app crashes which is odd and i'm at loss. Luckily i've managed to get incoming calls work via premium voice by using the native dialer

Ulefone Paris
Android 6.0
Rooted and Xposed using Magisk (yes for that pokemon Go hype until i can't play it anymore due to xposed not working Grr. )
Dual Sim (Always has been in Slot 1 the Sim card)


The most recent update has Fixed the crashing but still the No Sim Issue
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