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Hi, I've decided to move away from freedom pop however I now have a minor issue. The SMS retained on my phone are within the FreedomPop application and don't seem to be easily exportable. Looking at comments there is no off the shelf method to retrieve these but I'm sure the messages must be in the data on my phone somewhere as a database or other. Can anyone shed any light on either retrieving them or where I might find the containing data file.


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    The messages are in an SQL database file. I have a rooted android phone and the file is

    The table is called (unsurprisingly) MESSAGES.

    Knowing the above, you could save this database and extract the data using whatever SQL database tool you are comfortable with.

    Personally, I used a paid for app called Titanium Backup Pro (TiBu) on my phone to discover the above information. TiBu can also save the content of the MESSAGES table to a CSV file. The data is raw, but at least then the messages' contents and phone number fields are readable as plain text.

    FP's use of a proprietary app to send and receive SMS messages is one reason why I do not use my FP SIMs for anything important. I would rather pay £5 a month to a 'mainstream' service provider to keep all my SMS messages in the standard Android Messaging app.
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    Wanted to confirm that the path listed above is correct. Turns out com.freedompop.phone.db
    is a: SQLite 3.x database, user version 46, last written using SQLite version 3009002.

    Have a Moto X Pure that I rooted; not really THAT hard. (Does help a LOT to be a bit-head, and know Linux.)
    Once that is done, on a Mac or PC: adb shell
    then: su
    you'll need to have SuperSU installed on phone as part of rooting; allow SU access when prompted
    then: cd /data/data/com.freedompop.phone/
    then: cp -R databases /storage/emulated/0/Download/fp
    back on Mac or PC: adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Download/fp fp
    all files in databases dir will now be on Mac/PC; you can use SQLite tools there to work with that

    all in all, not TOO bad a procedure for getting at MY data! the messages are MINE, damn it!! ;-)

    if you want to see all the FP stuff on the phone, back in adb shell, after su: find / -iname *freedom*pop 2>/dev/null
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