FreedomPop app without sim does not notify of incoming calls

lio256lio256 FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 1
Is it by design that incoming call notification only works when the sim is inserted? The FreedomPop app (both on ios and Android) does not display notification of incoming calls wifi or cellular, and only displays a missed call notification when the caller has hung up. I thought calls were routed through the app and only required sim for cellular data and premium voice. Please can someone clarify if this is intended (meaning it's not possible to receive calls on multiple devices, even though this works with messages) or whether there is a bug and/or possible problem with my setup.


  • Mattie MarkerMattie Marker FreedomPop Newbie, UK Pro Posts: 156 ✭✭✭
    Are you using the App that needs the sim or the app that does not work WITH the Sim. Since there are 2. Also is any apps like Greenify putting it into hibernation or stopping the services, since that has made it stop for me sometimes. Also there is a setting in the Sim FP App which asks how you want to receive incoming calls, via Premium Voice or through the app.

    You probably already know the basics that Wifi or data need to be on for the app to receive texts and calls if not using premium voice
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