Global Sim does not work in Spain -help Admins

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Hi trying use my global SIM for the first time abroad in Spain but it does not connect to data. There are loads of people i see with the same problem. I have followed the instructions, changed the apn settings and checked the apn on data in UK before i travelled and it worked fine.

My global sim account is under email address [email protected]

Please admins can you get the account working your side. The messenger app synca to the sim and shows I have 100 mins, 200 texts, 450mb data

Id like to get it working will im abroad. I have send PM but have not had any responses.


  • cagstercagster Posts: 180FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    Finally got it to work, dont select freedompop as provider or movistar. or automatically select netwoek, I selected YOIGO peovider and its working. Not a case of put in youe sim and restart phone it will work.
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    im going to spain (not until august) but ill try to remember your instructions thanks
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    Yeah a bit of a faff but could save you an hour or so
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    Hey @cagster, I'm in Spain myself and can't connect to any provider. I select Yoigo and get a blue tick next to the name but I get the following message:
    «Network Lost. Your selected cellular network is no longer available. You can choose a different network in Settings».
    What APN settings are you using?
    [iPad + 3 in 1 sim]
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    apn printed on packing that sim came in I would recommend going to the messenger app, then select the sync account option and then with data switched on restart phone and then manually select YOIGO if available. My understanding is it should work with movistar but for some reason its not, admins didnt reply expect they dont know. There needs to be better testing and info,testing and a list of partner networks per country, suspect you could get it from three. its probably not worth the hassle for many users. Good luck.
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