Voicemail being collected even after being disabled

JamesBartleyJamesBartley Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
I've disabled my voicemail through the website: My Account > Account Settings > Voicemail Preferences > Untick box
It's been weeks now, and it turns out that when someone calls my phone they hear a random set of numbers (not my current or original phone number with FP) and are asked to leave a message.

I don't want a voicemail service - I've followed the instructions to disable it, and it currently sounds like it's diverting my missed calls to someone else's voicemail, which is totally unacceptable.

Anyone know how to resolve this?


  • 1stJohn Arkley1stJohn Arkley Posts: 392FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    I can't even untick mine...
    Billing cycle starts ~ 1st of month
  • mhanburymhanbury Posts: 46FreedomPop Newbie

    If you have incoming premium voice emailed it will be the voicemail on the three supplied sim card. Incoming premium voice forwards calls from your FreedomPop number over the cellular network to the three supplied sim card which uses a different mobile number. I've tried for months to get this turned off with FreedomPop via support calls and emails and just about given up now because I don't think they can do it. Three should really supply these sims to FreedomPop as data sims with voicemail turned off.

    Has anyone tried contacting three directly to turn off the voicemail on the sim cards?
  • 1stJohn Arkley1stJohn Arkley Posts: 392FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    Agreed, i have a 3 data reward sim. Has calls and texts with 200mb pm free (cough cough) it's supplied as a data sim so has no voice mail.
    Billing cycle starts ~ 1st of month
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