Iphone 6s incomming ringtone

david33david33 Posts: 33FreedomPop Newbie
Anyone know why it will not always ring. Have reset , refreshed, swapped sims etc. It will then work albeit
randomly, but say the next day it stops. If I try settings , sounds & ringtones it will not work which
then means it will not ring as normal. Call centre have refreshed settings from time to time , but
not permanent fix.


  • cjeffcjeff Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I also have the same problem with my 6s. Phone will not ring at all but will vibrate. Do not disturb and airplane mode are both off. Also tried the setting, sounds & ringtones and nothing works. Yes, I have the FP app.
  • david33david33 Posts: 33FreedomPop Newbie
    For whatever reason touch wood seems more reliable. I have 2nd sim so swapped temporary ( or take out and replace sim) plus uninstalled reinstalled FP . Also try phone , wifi Calling on.Calls on other devices off.
    FP app receive call using app. When using app with signal, turn mobile data on wifi off
    make sure you have 3g or 4g ,
  • david33david33 Posts: 33FreedomPop Newbie
    Spoke to soon as the battery went flat. Tried the usual without success. Shame Freedom Pop can't find a fix as obviously there is a bug. ? Also at least 1 other person has the same problem.
    No issues with my Ipad same IOS.
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  • david33david33 Posts: 33FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for the suggestion. I did a factory reset etc a couple of months ago to try & fix another issue (see my my other post) which has not been resolved or answered. To be honest this is a last resort fix I don't want to do again because it has other implications eg e-mail. As it is a "free" service I can live with the bugs as described , but find it a bit frustrating.
    HOWEVER, just been out for a few hours and when I returned noticed it made a noise when looking at my texts and now it is ringing ?. Perhaps there is a time delay when doing the usual stuff. If you are on the tech side for what it's worth it rings the default ringtone from the PHONE and NOT the selected ringtone from the app.
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