dynamic dns doesn't work

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I've put a freedom pop sim card in a TPLINK M6400 3G/4G router and router works fine and I can connect to the internet through it. I've configured dynamic dns via no-ip.com and it registers fine and the ip address is correct. But when I try and ping or tracert or open the router admin webpage using the domain name campoutmom.hopto.org then the packets get gobbled in threembb.com and never reach the router.

What can I do to get this to work? I think I'm doing all the right things, it's the 3 network eating any packets going FROM the internet TO my router that's the issue.


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    1. Have you properly set up port forwarding on your router?

    2. Are you sure that the public address that your 3G/4G router reports for the 3G/4G connection is the same as what no-ip.com says it is and what a site such as canyouseeme.org reports when you browse to that? It is not uncommon for mobile providers to 'double NAT' you. If double NATted, unsolicited inbound traffic will never reach your router.
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