Looks like cannot downgrade to free contract without reactivating my 7.99 subscription(!?)

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Hi. Not used phone for few months whilst got new one, tried to downgrade as stil have 5 days left on billing cycle, need phone, dont want to pay twice, and may stick with free contarct for a while anyway - probably not but not sure yetTried downgrading - got unsuccessful message, had 150mb a sec internet at the time, etc so pls help.

I think you need to reset something your end, but so far, I just got a message a few days ago asking for my email or phoen number so you can check the line, and have heard nothign since.


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    Alejandra G - I still have the problem. I want to downgrade to the 200 minute free contract. I cannot do this. Please help with this. It tells me unsuccessful. Please reset my account or whatever so I can downgrade from my page or phone to the free account.
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    There have been no failed charges - there have been failed attempts to take money when I purposefully did not put any in as I did not have a phone!
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