got existing account and SIM, joining new deal/SIM, what would happen?

jackmgjackmg Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie

I currently on the Free Plan. However, I saw some promotion emails and noticed the deal with
  • unlimited mins
  • unlimited texts
  • 2250 MB monthly data
  • Free Premium Voice
the above for £5.99 a month (chargeable every 3-months). I clicked on the link, then clicked "get a SIM" it logged in to my account automatically.

However, I stopped at check-out, before I click on "Activate"as I am not sure what would happened if I proceed. Questions:
  • Once I clicked "Activate" - Will I get a new physical SIM card from the post and it will replace the current SIM of my account automatically?
  • IF YES, will I be able to keep my current number for free?
  • OR do I need to create a new account to enjoy that deal? and thus need to select a new number?


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