Problems Activating New Sim

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My account was mistakenly downgraded to Free and I was told by support that the only way to go back to my paid plan was to order another sim. I did that and it arrived today. Impressively quick delivery - thank you.

I've put the old SIM in another phone in the household and this seems to be working perfectly.
I put the new SIM in my phone and seem to be unable to open the app. Every time I try (or try to make a call), a pop up tells me "Activation step required. This device is ready for activation... "etc. I click "Activate", am taken to the website, put in my email to validate and am told that the sim has already been activated. The link then takes me to another page where I'm asked for my email and password, which then takes me to my web account. All looks fine... but if I try to make a call, or open the app, I have to go through everything again.

I've tried reinstalling the app, APN is set to 3, data roaming is turned on.... I can't get into the app to sync account.
Anything else I can try?

On my web account, there is a lorry icon. Has the sim arrived so quickly, the account hasn't been updated to allow activation?
Can anything be done at your end?


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  • Susie SmithSusie Smith Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    The number on the back of the sim is 04641048052.
    The full ICCID number given on the validation screen matches the one on the card that came with the sim.
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