You are out of international minutes, connection problem or invalid MMI.. Xiaomi Mi Max

Ric WeissRic Weiss Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
Hello I’m having a plethora of issues; I cannot recieve or make calls I get the message “you are out of international minutes” even though I am making a domestic call, I have followed the instructions on the diagnostics app but even though I am on the most current version of the app, it still is saying needs to update. I have also tried the soft carrier reset which results in the following message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code.” Also when I am in the FreedomPop messaging app I am unable to open the menu on the top right so if you have the a more recent or fixed version of the apk which isn’t the one on the Android App Store please could you direct me when I can download it. I am using a Xiaomi Android phone


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