15GB deal and a Port Across problem

Vijay RathourVijay Rathour Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Hi. I recently signed up for your 15GB deal.
Data is working fine on my iphone, but the telephone number registered with the card doesn't do anything - the number shown in settings is 07482 899 03[two].
When I make a call from the app, the receiving phone is showing an international telephone number +1 44 7482 899 09 [two]. However, when I call that back, I get a call not connected message.

When I call my "proper number" (the UK number), it says it can't connect.

I've also now ported a new number over and that doesn't do anything. Porting has completed but when I dial that one, it also doesn't connect. This number is 07725 079 34 [two].
Can I ensure that my correct ported number is assigned to this sim card. I would like the 342 number working on this sim card.

The SIM code is: 04644 009 259



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