Unathorised Charge on my account

KershKersh Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I got 2 of your free SIMS back in 2016 - not used any of them for over a year now.
Tried to Cancel the Accounts ages ago but it always said Cancellation Unsuccesful.
As there were no charges, I forgot all about it.
Suddenly I have had two charges on my bank account in the past week.
Problem is that they are not on my FreedomPop account, they are on my Wife's, and neither of us have a clue what e-mail address was used to set up the account.
Can someone please get back to me before I authorise the bank to look into a fraud case, as I never signed up for a paid account with you, and to suddenly start charging accounts that you can see have had no activity on them in over a year is pretty criminal.

My user e-mail is [email protected] (you hopefully should be able to locate both accounts, as they were sent to the same address.)

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