reza merzayi

merzayimerzayi Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Dear sir or madam,
Regarding about my freedom sim card which I had it on January 2017. This is 3rt times I am sending this message I think you still didn't get the point which I am talking about. I ordered you sim card on January 2017 which was free trail for the first month and then £7.99 a month.i only used for the first 2month then I destroyed the sim card. But I have been billed a monthly charge of £7.99p a month from January 2017 to 8 May 2017 and some time even charge me of £5 3 times a day. the sim card was disposed at that time. Forme the 1st August 2018 you start charged me again can you refun my credit card the above costs and close my account. Insuring my credit is removed from your systems. thanks


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