imessages not working after porting number

Tim JowettTim Jowett Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
Got my new freedompop sim last week, was porting my number from my old service provider, once the number switched over, i could no longer send and receive imessages using my phone number - in 'settings' 'messages' the imessage tab is on but constantly says 'waiting for activation' but i can see that its allowing me to send and receive using my apple ID email address - but this is not ideal as i want to send and receive using my phone number. The most annoying part is that whilst i was waiting for my number to transfer - the temporary number that was assigned to the freedompop simcard DID work for imessages, its just after the my number transferred that everything stopped working. Also if i turn imessages off and i try to send a SMS to another iphone. it wont send the message - its comes up with an error telling me to turn on imessages. It does allow me to to send a SMS to a phone other than an iphone though. So very frustrating. I spoke to apple, but they are saying the issue lies with my service provider and that i should contact them. Please help as im getting very frustrated and the ticket i submitted to support has not been answered yet.


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