3 sims with dead numbers

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I have had problems since day 1. Started with 3 sim cards, chose some numbers then after about 5 days the numbers disappeared and asked me to choose new ones so I did. Then someone from support helped me get my numbers back, great right? Well no, the numbers worked for a bit, now whenever you call the number off a different phone it says number not recognised. All 3 sims have the same problem - 07455789555, 07455789666 and 07455777567 try calling them yourself. However, I can text and call from them and the number shows up fine on the other end.

I ordered 2 more sims when this was all happening (so 5 in total now) to see if I had any luck with them, though not entirely the same problem, I can confirm first hand that the odd text does not get delivered to the phone. Bit annoying when you wait patiently for a text you sent to yourself to never arrive. Calls are fine.

I have submitted numerous amount of tickets and get no response or an attitude for having more than one sim (which means more than one problem to deal with)



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  • Edward BaileyEdward Bailey Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    And second thoughts, dont delete the numbers, I like them. If they still dont work I'll try porting them out myself to another network then back at some point this year and see if that will recover them properly
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    Hi. Thanks. The 3 similar numbers are completely dead when a normal network tries calling it. App or no app! I can call out with or without the app but if someone calls me back it pings back with a 'number not recognised' message, as if I had spoofed a fake number. Which suggests it's a porting problem, or something along those lines, right?

    However, if I call these numbers from a freedompop sim it recognises the number. I saw a post recently about someone who had the same problem where other netowrks couldnt connect to his numbers but when a freedompop number calls, it connects!


    When I first ordered these 3 'dead' sims, they had problems with the number and gave me free data because they recognised the number wasn't working properly for whatever reason...

    Then days later, these same 3 numbers they had trouble with disappeared into thin virtual air from my account then reappeared after someone from customer service responded to my complaint and manually put them back.

    The last two, newer sims ending in 2355 and 1990 behave normally when called... app or no app. It goes to the relevant greeting, voicemail, like a normal phone number does that is correctly ported. Phone on of off. (The texts: I used friend A's and B's phone to test how long it takes for a message to come through. Approx 10secs for A. B's texts got lost and didnt come through via Vectone UK to the freedompop network. A's is on o2)

    I have used the same version app throughout. So by that logic, all my fpop sims should be behaving the same, but it is not the case

    I'm happy for someone to delete the first 3 numbers if it's makes things easier. If not, please help. Ill stay with the network and persuade others to join if all goes well
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