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Hi - hoping someone with dual SIM phone can help me prepare for when I get a SIM to place in my daughters Moto G (second gen phone).

Here is what I would like to do.....

My daughter is 12 - I want to keep this as simple as possible....

Use the Freedompop premium voice for outgoing calls only i.e use native dialler and avoid all use of the Freedompop app. Use the existing 3 SIM in another slot for all texts (sending and receiving) and for receiving all incoming calls (I dont want to use the FP service or app for receiving calls or texts).

So - what slot is best to use for the FP and 3 SIM's to achieve the above. Any advice on the best/most efficient way to set up and use to meet the above

Thanks in advance


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    I don't know but what I do know is only one sim will work at any one time. Because the moto g only has one 3G chip. The only way to have both working is to use a different network that supports 2G.
    Then I think you can disable data on the sim with 2G.
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    Hmm - I dont want to use data on either SIM - but I assume what your saying is that doesn't matter - but just to check if I place the FP sim in slot 2 can I select that SIM to make outgoing calls by default but also have slot 1 as primary SIM for incoming calls (I assume from your answer no - but I have never used a dual SIM before so I dont know how they work)
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    I use a dual-sim Ice Phone mini (it's dirt cheap and great for kids). I haven't noticed any particular problem. I've even tried it with two non-FP sims and the FP app on wifi, it worked. but you have to enter the identity manually.
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    Thanks for help - seems like Moto G is not the same as all dual SIMS according to John :-(
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    I haven't got one. Its just I was going to get one so I asked about and found with both networks only using 3G g, you can only have one sim on at a time. I bought a magic sim dual SIM adapter instead, effectively the same but at least I can just quickly change sim rather than taking the back off.
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    Thanks John - I will report back how I get on (although probably not much interest for you).

    Regarding magic dual sim - I was thinking to get one for myself - how do you find it ? How much was it ? Where did you purchase from /

    My understanding is that it only operates one SIM at a time but you manual switch.

    I saw them for £20 for my (I suppose older Samsung Galaxy Note 1) - seems quite expensive
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    On amazon there is some for £8 but they only go in a phone that takes a full size sim. You are right, the cheapest micro SIM one I could find was £20. When you put it in you get a app appears, just tap that then tap the sim you want. Remember some phones need to reboot to change sim and some don't.
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    I have a full SIM phone - Ill have a look on amazon - dont want to reboot phone though
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    If you can get the sim it without taking the battery out you should tell if it needs a reboot.
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    Thanks - regards dual SIM on moto G - this might be useful to someone

    I'll see soon - seems complicated - as I understand it -

    if I put FP in SIM 1 and any other SIM that works on 2G in SIM2 then it should work as I want but 3 does not work on 2G and only one 3G SIM (FP and/or3) can operate OR be active at one time. Bummer
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    Re: The Ice-phone I mentioned earlier.
    You don't need to reboot to change sims. For incoming calls, it's like having two phones in one handset. It just rings when a call comes in, whichever sim is called. You can set it to have a different ring depending on which incoming number is called.
    On outgoing calls and texts, you can set it to prioritise one or other sim, or to always ask (you can do this separately for texts and calls). And you can set data to one or other sim. 3G.
    I picked it up for about £60 online a year ago.
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    @cagster, I'm in the same predicament with my honor holly dual sim phone, and that my main provider is also 3 before getting the FP sim. I will now change from 3 to another provider to utilise the second slot which is 2g only.. Which I will use to receive messages to my long term phone number. There are other mvnos with cheap rates using EE, but I'm not sure about them yet. E.g., delight mobile, or tpo. Will probably plump for a supermarket offering that would be more expensive than 3, but I would only use it if I needed to transmit from my existing phone number.
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    @Alex yes I was thinking I'd have to do the same OR try and establish the telephone Nbr related to the SIM for incoming calls (obviously won't work with incoming texts).

    @Solomon the Moto G works the same, the issue is having the 3 sim that also works on 3G, most active dual sim phones only support one active 3G sim.
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    I have a cheap dual sim phone branded Swees. It has full size sim slot and a micro sim slot. Have the fp sim in full sized and Tesco sim in the other. Phone set to default to FP for voice, text and data. Calls inbound to either sim ring as normal and receive texts to either as normal. I think some settings are phone dependant but it gives me flexibility and seems to be a cheap solution.
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    @Bury thanks - Ill probably port the 3 number to a tesco payg as Alex was mentioning. Most phones are the same with regards active dual SIM only one works on 3G the other SIM on 2G there are a few expensive ones (Sony make one) that will work with 2 active 3G SIM's :-)
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    I've ordered a tesco SIM for incoming calls, as expected only 1SIM is supported with FP and 3 together. Can no longer get the number associated with the FP SIM as they overprint the card containing the SIM number with xxxxx.Thats my own fault for complaining about using two different numbers (the SIM and the FP one) :-( If anyone knows how I could establish the FB Nbr myself pls let me know as I'd prefer not to run 2 SIMS in the phone (bound to run the battery down quicker)
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