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Stock ROM Request, WARNING about using rooted apps.

Chris ReinhartChris Reinhart Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
As this phone comes pre-rooted and does not have a SU "catcher" app like SuperSU installed, my son installed a bunch of apps that used root privileges and has changed some data in the /system partition (mostly app2sd solutions). This has caused the phone to become a little unreliable on boot.

I would like a copy of the stock FP rom so I can fix this, or if someone has a clean nandroid backup I could make that work too.

!!! For all users and the FP devs, I would recommend 2 things:

1) The stock rom should come with SuperSU to give users a safety net knowing when an app is using root privileges.

2) Anyone that gets this phone should do a factory reset and a nandroid backup in recovery the second they get it, as a rom backup, until a rom is available.

It is very dangerous to use a rooted/unlocked ROM without having the original ROM files to re-flash!


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