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"Seamlessly switch between FreedomPop voice and cellular voice."

James LummelJames Lummel Posts: 63FreedomPop Newbie
Is there a walk-through of the end user experience when using the Premium Voice Service?

Given the sign-up page for this service saying "Seamlessly switch between FreedomPop voice and cellular voice.", one would expect that on ANY ongoing call (incoming or outgoing), if the 3G/4G/LTE data rate become compromised then the call would be switched over to voice services automatically for the rest of the call, "... [s]eamlessly". If an outgoing call or an incoming call was compromised on initially connecting one would expect this switch to occur immediately, again "... [s]eamlessly". How the people on the call would experience this would be some voice drop-outs and a slight burst of static that then clears up and stays clear for the rest of the call (more or less).

This ISN'T what seems to be happening per reports on this forum. Given that there seems to be a TON of people interested in this service (I'd pay a year in advanced for this and visual voicemail, both), can we get a generalized walk-through of the end-user experience (that's us) when Premium Voice Service is activated on an account?

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  • olrsolrs Posts: 410FreedomPop Newbie
    @James Lummel

    From my experience, there isn't anything automatic about the Premium Voice.

    It didn't work for me until I disabled both WiFi and mobile data.
  • Mike (GS-3, 30th) GrossMike (GS-3, 30th) Gross Posts: 143FreedomPop Newbie
    My experience since activating has been somewhat good, other than having to clear data on the messaging app. The rest of this comment is purely conjecture on how I perceive it to work. It only works on outing calls and only at the time the call was initiated. When a call is initiated, the PV will determine at that time whether or not to use cellular voice. That is how it has worked for me. I've read where others have forced it to use the PV, but I don't believe that is how they intended it to work. Again all of this is purely conjecture on my part.
  • Harvey YongHarvey Yong Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
    I just activated Premium Voice service. I figure it would resolve all the anxiety I have over not being able to place calls in an urgent or emergency situation. Can't really say it's better or worse yet. However, this tell me that FreedomPop cellular service is 2nd class and does suck at times. Why not go pay an extra $3.99 - $5.99 a month to get regular Sprint cellular service?
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