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Activated on 2 S3's and a ZTE

Mike (GS-3, 30th) GrossMike (GS-3, 30th) Gross Posts: 143FreedomPop Newbie
I activated the Premium Voice on 3 of our phones, 2 S3's and a ZTE. The only issue I had was that after activating on all 3 three phones I was unable to place a outgoing call on data. Wi-Fi worked normally for incoming/outgoing but when I turned wi-fi off and turned on data, I was able to receive calls ok, but I was unable to make a call. Tried updating PRL and Profile, nothing, found a thread here where someone had same problem. Solution was to, go to phone settings, more, Application Manager, Messaging, Force Stop, clear data, clear cache and that took care of problem. When I was checking the phones to be sure I could call out and receive on both wi-fi and data, the Premium Voice activated to place the call, I had a 3G connection with 2 bars. Looks good, I was unable to check voice quality but looks real good. I don't know if it only activates at the time you place the call or if there is any seamless integration where it would activate during a call if signal dropped below a whatever the threshold is
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