FreedomPop Call & Text or Messaging App Not Available For Android Froyo, HowTo Use CSipSimple ?

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Hi, i'm using old smartphone Samsung Transform SPH M920, Android 2.2.2 Froyo, Api 8, hardware: M920.06, build: EB28.

I think FP (freedompop) converts direct-voice calls or circuit-switched calls, into internet data packet based voip/sip calls, for wireless data-service based smarphone, and vice versa. So in end-user's side, end-user user MUST need to install "FreedomPop Messaging" or "Freedompop Voice & Text" app, which is very likely a VOIP/SIP client app. If its the case, i did not realize it earlier, i assumed cdma/sprint phone will have direct 200 mins/month free voice call support, as freedompop website did not mention this absolute necessity of a voip/sip client software in home or product pages. And FP homepage did not had a link to a compatible phone list.

Is there an older "FreedomPop Messaging" or "FreedomPop Call & Text" app available from website (not from 3rd party), for android v2.2.2 known as "froyo".

FreedomPop did not keep an older app for older phones in google PlayStore/Market, or freedompop's last app's froyo support was removed, or was not even developed, sad :( Currently last app seems to be showing that, last supported OS edition is Android 2.3.3.

If a FP app is not available for android-froyo based smartphone, then, how can i configure the sip client app "CSipSimple" ? CSipSimple is running fine in android-froyo. If allowed, please show how to enable secure/encrypted sip connection from CSipSimple.

And, How to get SMS & send SMS from this Android 2.2.2 based phone ? is there a secure/encrypted webpage inside FP-member's area ?

Thanks in advance,

-- EmDe.

Edit: Jun, 2015: added phone model#, and corrected 2nd paragraph.

Edit: Feb-1, 2016: added a question on receiving/sending SMS via FP, from android froyo phone.
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    Sadly, I think you're probably out of luck as far as the Transform is concerned - it's not on FP's supported Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) list & the Free Talk & Text app does appear to only be supported on Android 2.3.3 and up (I tried sideloading it on an Android 2.1.1 device & it wouldn't even install).

    Whilst it might be possible to use Csip for voice calls, using the info in this ->post (assuming that the Free Talk & Text app stores it's user data in the same place), you'd still need to install the Free talk & text app first to a android 2.3.3 or later device, in order to get the user credentials needed for Csip.
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    I read somewhere only outgoing calls are possible on SIP clients
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