Unlimited Nationwide wifi plan, how does it work + Premium Voice question.

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What does paying for the Unlimited Nationwide wifi exactly plan do?
I can already use wifi on my phone when it there is free wifi available nearby.
At my home there are like 12 networks, but all are secured, so I get no wifi at home.
If I upgrade to this plan will I be able to get wifi at my home.
Does it unlock some of these networks, how does it work & how can I know I will be getting my money's worth?

Right now I'm on the Unlimted plan, but the speeds suck & I only get 2 bars for 4GLTE.

Also wasn't there a free 1 month trial for the Premium Voice service? I can't find any link to get the free 1 month trial, can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • WeAreNotAloneWeAreNotAlone Posts: 61FreedomPop Newbie
    I don't work for FreedomPop but the Nationwide Wifi will probably work in a similar manner as all the other cell providers, it is not going to magically "unlock" those 12 networks that are "secured" unless those identities have some agreement in place with SPRINT... like say *McDonalds, StarBucks... places like that have with cell carriers.
    *Note: I think McDonalds is AT&T.

    What I'd do while waiting for some more opinions on the subject I'd Google around and see what kind of info you can find on SPRINT and what they offer as FreedomPop MNVO piggybacks off the SPRINT network.

    Q: What should you post back?
    A: Info you'd like to have if you needed the info the next morning at your JOB and if you came u short you'd get FIRED.

  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    O.k. I checked cellreception.com & there are like 6 Sprint cell towers directly just east bordering my city, but none in the actual city I live in.

    Ton of AT&T & TMobile towers though.

    So that unlimited wifi plan reception will go according to the cell towers right? Making it useless, if I buy it.

    This kinda sucks, isn't there any way I can boost the reception? Isn't there any 3rd party device I can buy like some kind of antenna to help my signal?
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    For the nationwide wifi plan, no cell towers will be used, just public wifi hotspots and any private hotspots for which you know the password.
  • WeAreNotAloneWeAreNotAlone Posts: 61FreedomPop Newbie
    Short answer, Move or acquire service thru a GSM carrier.

    As noted by Djinks above, WiFi has nothing to do with Cell Towers.

    Q: What are your options to boost your FreedomPop phone's signal?
    A: If you get a signal outside your home, there are cell signal /3g/ 4g boosters you mount near a window (Or in some cases can use a external antenna) that rebroadcast the signal.
    (You will have to research which ones work with CDMA devices)
    Cost can range many hundreds of dollars.
    (I've always gotten such boosters and GSM version of the Airvana access point for FREE thru T-Mo..with no extra charges per month btw.)

    If there is no usable outside your home your only option is using something like the "SPRINT AIRWAVE ACCESS POINT" Airvana, which acts as a mini-cell-phone-tower in your home that routes your calls /data over your BROADBAND CONNECTION (High-speed Internet =Cable, Uverse.)
    (It will NOT broadcast for miles and miles... range might be 150ft in clear air.)

    NOTE, it has been mentioned that the Sprint Airvana can supposedly be activated thru TING and you can use FreedomPop... BUT NO-ONE has mentioned what TING would charge a FreedomPop only customer per month.

    (I'd like to know as I have one siting right here beside me NIB.)

    So to recap:

    Q: I live beyond the range of any cell phone towers for xyz carrier, what do I do?
    A: MOVE
    B: Start service with a carrier that services your area.
    C: Use Sprint Airwave Airvana access point while at home.
    D: Use Wifi /public hotspots to supplement your needs.

  • Stephen PowellStephen Powell Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    Back to the original question.

    >If I upgrade to this plan will I be able to get wifi at my home.

    That would be extremely unlikely. The wifi app has nothing to do with cell phone towers. It just simplifies using/logging on to existing wifi hotspots.

    I wanted to check this out so I installed the FreedomPop WiFi app (skipping the registration step). The app shows a local map with the locations of the hotspots.

    It's not clear to me if the unregistered app shows all the hotspots, or just ones that don't require login.

    Perhaps someone from FreedomPop could answer that; does the unregistered app show all the hotspots? Just how much utility does the unregistered app have?
  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    I downloaded the FreedomPop WiFi app as well, all that shows is few secured networks that need passwords to connect.
    They are the same networks that appear when I turn wifi on my phone & it auto searches for available wifi.

    On the interactive map it shows a Taco Bell near me that has a free hotspot wifi & should be close enough (within a few hundred feet), but it isn't auto appearing when it scans at startup.

    Will buying into this plan make it usable?
  • Stephen PowellStephen Powell Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie

    On the interactive map it shows a Taco Bell near me that has a free hotspot wifi & should be close enough (within a few hundred feet), but it isn't auto appearing when it scans at startup.

    Will buying into this plan make it usable?

    Don't expect the plan to do what you want. Because:

    1. It's completely unrealistic to think that think your phone will pick up the Taco Bell WiFi from several hundred feet. And even if you used something like a directional antenna & repeater to receive the signal in your house, Taco Bell might consider that a theft of services under the laws of whatever state you are in.

    A couple of days ago I stopped by a Taco Bell. I could get a useable signal across the street on my phone, but the signal strength was already dropping off. (I use a free app called "WiFi Analyzer" to check signal strengths.)

    Humor me with a thought experiment. Try taking your phone to the Taco Bell parking lot and connecting to their WiFi, then walk away and see how far you get before the connection drops.

    2. Since the Taco Bell WiFi seems to be open, it's not clear what you think the FreedomPop plan could to for you. Taco Bell is not in the business of supplying free WiFi to non-customers, and it seem unlikely the FreedomPop could pay them enough to do otherwise.

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