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Freedom Pop messaging app is using a lot of data.

FrogFrog Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
Ever since I updated the freedom pop messaging app it's been using up a lot of data when I call people. I'm on the $10.99 plan per month, so I have unlimited voice, unlimited text, and 500 data. If I have unlimited voice then I should be able to call someone without it being considered data yet when I talk to someone for around 30 minutes it says the freedom pop messaging app used 20mb of data.

To me is doesn't make any sense if I'm being charged for data for voice which is suppose to be unlimited. I might as well revert my phone back to a free plan than a paid one though it would suck in the sense that I know I'm really paying for 3g signal but would now have to rely strictly on 4g for the free plan.

My case is being sorted out by freedompop support staff. I decided to post something up to see how many others have had a problem.

FYI: if your having problems with your phone call freedompop support line at 1888 743 8107

Another FYI for the outsiders: Trying to join freedompop forums is a bit of a pain since you have to manually be approved hence why I called the support line first. It doesn't make much sense to recommend the main line of communication to be the support forum if when you go to it seeking support that you can't even post your problem in it immediately when the problem occurs.
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