RingPlus Now Offers *free* Cell Minutes, can FP follow suit?

Gregory VernonGregory Vernon Posts: 141FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭
RingPlus (ringplus.net) gives users 200 free cell minutes per month on their new free plan. They pay for it by requiring users to make outbound calls and playing ads instead of the traditional ring-back tones.

I hate to say this, but considering how difficult Premium Voice is (such as no inbound calls), it is really tempting to switch over to RP completely simply for reliability reasons - even if it means I miss out on the data.

Is this something FP would consider? I know it is a little bit contrary to the current business model, but I think the need for improvement is such that FP needs to look into alternative ways to handle telephony.


  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    Outside of the ads of RingPlus, isn't their free service the exact same?
    Calls over VOIP?
    Or do they use cellular data?

    And isn't Premium Voice the option to switch to 2G network to make calls instead of VOIP?
  • olrsolrs Posts: 410FreedomPop Newbie

    Ring Plus should be like a normal cell phone service except for what you hear when you make a call. There have been some reports of bad call quality though.
  • olrsolrs Posts: 410FreedomPop Newbie
    @Gregory Vernon

    I think FreedomPop should make a lot of changes, but they don't seem to want our suggestions.

    There is so much FreedomPop can do to help make this company to take off, and to improve customer satisfaction, and so much more, but I get the feeling they want to do things their own way.

    I wonder if the CEO reads these forums and knows how badly their customers would like to help out?
  • Gregory VernonGregory Vernon Posts: 141FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭
    My understanding is that their free plan does not use VoIP but traditional cell minutes. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The flip side is they really don't give any data with their plan and overages are expensive. (IMO data on a smartphone is simply a must).

    The problem - the big problem - is that it doesn't work on incoming calls. I'm in an area where Sprint isn't very strong so it's a bit of a bummer. Don't get me wrong, I mainly use my phone for texting so 99% of the time the FP phone works great - in fact it has a huge advantage over RP in texting.

    The problem is that 1% of the time I typically need to make a phone call its because <i>The phone call is super important.</i> Not being able to make a phone call when I need to is a huge problem.
  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    Wait, the FP Premium Voice service only works for calls you are getting?
    Not for calls that you make?
  • olrsolrs Posts: 410FreedomPop Newbie
    I tried posting either and I guess it didn't get approved.

    When will we find out why some things don't get posted?
  • pikenpiken Posts: 124FreedomPop Newbie
    I think FP is mostly interested in getting to their goal of 1,000,000 customers.

    Even if only 39% are paying customers. I read they need 30% paying
    customers to break even.

    Goal #2 is providing the service. I do not believe their number 1 goal
    is the service. That's more of what an old school company tries to do.
    Provide a good service, gain market share and retain the customer.

    They are ground breaking in what they are doing and are definitely
    in line with what future mobile computing will be. If they'll still be around
    in a couple years.

    They have a real "Wolf of Wallstreet" attitude.

    My feeling is the CEO has one major plan, grow FP as big and as
    fast as he can and then sell it to one of the major players for "big" bucks.

    Although we do not hear much on the forum from the company itself, I do
    believe someone is reading/following.

    I've only be around for a few months and have posted 3 bugs on the forum and
    all 3 bugs have been fixed on the next software release.

    Hopefully they can straighten out a few things. I'd loved to see the company
    bought out by a true player and a little more effort go into the software and

    Google is doing the same now with it's "Fi" service. but I think they are doing
    it much better. They have the cash to roll out as fast as they want to but they
    are rolling it out very slowly and tackling the issues. From what I've read they
    are having the same type of issues FP is having, but.... Since they have not put
    themselves in a jamb by limiting availability people can actually call customer service and they work with each person one by one to get everything working.

    When they roll out prob later this year with (hopefully) there "Nexus 5 2015"
    with a purchase price of $350... Well depending how FP has shaped up, I might
    be looking at them strongly.


  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    I'm still not sure where the outbound Premium Voice exclusion is mentioned anywhere.


    All I see is that you will use Sprints 2G network when your speed falls down below 400kbps. Nothing about it being only for inbound calls.

    BTW my throttled speed on my Unlimited Plan is around 3 kbps right now, so I can't do anything with the phone right now.
    Premium Voice would help A LOT, but not if I can't make calls with it.
  • Gregory VernonGregory Vernon Posts: 141FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭
    @newbUser4Now sorry, I've been posting from my phone, I must have messed things up. Premium voice works only for outbound calls.

    All inbound calls are routed through the VoIP software.
  • newbUser4NownewbUser4Now Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    Outbound calls = you making calls.
    Inbound calls = you getting calls, right?

    So you can make calls on the stable 2G network, but if someone is calling you, it will go through the VoIP even if the speeds are too slow to connect or even be usable?
  • Gregory VernonGregory Vernon Posts: 141FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭
  • olrsolrs Posts: 410FreedomPop Newbie

    That's a grrat summary. Thanks for putting it that way so others can understand.
  • pikenpiken Posts: 124FreedomPop Newbie
    My earlier rant/views on FP have been changed.

    Current news report states.....

    1. FP is not selling and is raising another 30 million to expand company

    2. Is adding another US carrier in 2016

    3. Is adding a strategic investor, "It is a major technology company and we will have a commercial deal on the heels of it,"

    Just what I was saying it needed. Money to expand, Build up infrastructure and
    development of the core tech.

    Go FP!

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    2. Is adding another US carrier in 2016
    @piken I wonder who that additional carrier is likely to be?

    I'd presume that this means FP could become an MVNO on a GSM network (like Ting have done), introducing support for GSM phones (beyond the Free Talk & Text app piggybacking on your existing cellular plan/WiFi).

    Interesting stuff.

    Back on the main topic, RingPlus does have the advantage of not depending on VOIP, but TBH, the very last thing I need is more ads in my life...
  • Gregory VernonGregory Vernon Posts: 141FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭
    @limey Not having ads is definitely something freedom pop has going for it. Freedom pop also gives users a usable amount of data and texting with their free plan which is why I'm sticking with fp.

    But in terms if call stability, ring plus is miles ahead.
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