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Anyone trying to switch a Touch Mobile Victory to FreedomPop (autoactivation problem)?

I bought a Victory attached to Touch Mobile (Another Sprint MVNO), never finished their activation. Decided that FreedomPop was a better deal, so tried to switch.

After going through activation and getting a phone number, every time I try to access the phone thru the keypad ( thru FreedomPop Talk or Messaging apps), Touch Mobile's auto activation app takes over, and fails. Touch Mobile says that FreedomPop needs to re-flash the device in order to remove Touch Mobile software.

I went thru support helpline, tried several things, but none seems to remove Touch Mobile's "fingerprints" (customsoftware/settings).

Has anyone else encountered a similiar issue with switching MVNO's, and, if so, was it solved?

I can, get voicemail, and use data, and my FreedomPop account reflects it, but I cannot get rid of the Touch Mobile crap, impairing successful calling out or answering incoming calls.

Any help is appreciated. I really don't want to junk the phone.


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